Our Rooms

At Altona Early Education Centre, we have four rooms available for the Children, Room 1 and Room 2 upstairs and Room 3 and Room 4 downstairs.

Room 1

Our youngest room with Children aged between 6 weeks and 18 months, its capacity is 12 children and only 8 that are non-mobile and 3 educators.

Room 1 has two sleep rooms that will help even the fussiest sleeper to fall into a melodic sleep, the room also consists of an outdoor yard separated from the older room next door with a lovely big sandpit and lots of room for those exciting first steps.

Currently working in the room are Chin (Room Leader, Diploma trained, 5 days a week), Amandeep (co-educator, Diploma trained, 3 days a week), Kaili (co-educator, Diploma trained, 3 days per week), Marnie (Trainee Cert 3, 5 days per week).

Room 2

Our children here are aged between 18 months and 2.8 years old; our capacity in this room is 12 children and three educators.

Room 2 has a nice big room to accommodate all the exciting learning that is happening in this room, this room also has its own lovely yard with a corner sandpit and a wooden stage for dancing, singing and imaginary play. The yard is partially undercover which makes outdoor play an everyday occurrence rain or shine.

Currently working in the room are Helen L (Room leader, Diploma Trained, 5 days a week), Helen M (co-educator, Diploma Trained, 5 days a week), Amanda (Trainee Cert 3, 5 days per week).

Room 3

The younger of the two downstairs rooms the children are aged between 2.8 years and 3.8 years, room capacity is 22 and there are 6 Educators.

Room 3, our focus is developing the skills needed for everyday living and preparing the children for kinder and pre-school. Regulating their emotions, understanding their feelings, being able to label and identify feelings enables children to make their own choices. Encouraging independence, children are taught to self-serve food at mealtimes, wash their hands, grab a change of clothes from their bags and choose between indoor and outdoor play experiences.

Currently working in the room is Dianne (Kinder Teacher, Bachelor Trained 5 days a week), Rea ( Co-Educator, Diploma trained, 4 days a week), Wendy (co-educator, Diploma Trained, 3 days a week), Yasna ( co educator, Cert 3 trained, 3 days a week), Amanda C ( co-educator, Diploma trained, 4 days a week) and Ritiya ( co-educator, Diploma trained, 5 days per week).

Room 4

The oldest room in the centre with Children aged between 3.8yrs to 5 or 6 yrs depending on when children start school, its capacity is 22 children and 4 Educators.

Room 4 runs a 4 yr old funded Kindergarten program with the assistants of our bachelor trained Kindergarten Teacher Elise. This Room incorporates learning in all different ways such as Beach Kinder, Excursions, Incursions and Open learning time. This Room shares a yard with the Children in the 2.5-3.5yr old room.

For more information on our Kinder program please see the Kinder Tab under “Our services”.

Currently working in the room are Elise ( Bachelor Trained Kinder Teacher, 5 days a week), Sue ( Co-educator, Diploma Trained, 5 days a week) Hannah ( co-educator, Diploma Trained, 5 days a week) and Safaa (Cert 3 Trained, 5 days a week)


Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on providing the best long day care services in Altona and the Western Suburbs. Our small, boutique and homely purpose-built centre offers much that many centres built today don't. We Offer:
Small room sizes - Important when considering early education for your child. Studies have shown improved academic, social and emotional development in children who attend smaller centres;
Small, cosy, homely centre - Our centre provides a lovely homely setting, so your child will feel safe and welcomed into our home. Our owners are onsite daily and are very hands on, ensuring the highest standards of care. You and your child will feel welcomed and have a sense of belonging as part of our family environment at Altona Early Education Centre;
Higher educator ratio's - Enabling us to provide your child with the highest possible care;
Free weekly incursions - We understand that cost is an important factor to our families, that's why we offer our incursions at no cost to your family;
Higher qualifications amongst our staff - We hire only the best to care for your children, that's why most of our educators are diploma qualified or above;
Casual bookings - Because we understand that life is often unpredictable, where possible, we offer casual days to support your family with last minute change of plans, or to replace lost days due to public holidays, (subject to availability);
Owner operated, and conveniently located - Our Altona Early Education and Learning Centre is located near Altona Primary School and St Mary's Primary School making the kindergarten, preschool and school run a breeze.

Hear From Our Parents

This day-care has made such a positive difference in my son’s life and by extension, our whole family’s wellbeing. From 6 months old to now 2.5 years, my son has grown into a caring, articulate, sociable, and well-behaved little boy. This is largely because of the meaningful interactions and relationships he has built with all of the carers and other children. I never take for granted how lucky we are to have this day-care in Altona and that we are a part of it. Thank you so much!

- Monica

My baby currently goes to Altona early education. I could not feel more comfortable leaving her there each day!! A fantastic centre and fantastic educators.

- Tegan

We love Altona Early Education Centre, and so does our three-year-old son who has been attending for 18 months. The staff are amazing, and we feel so comfortable leaving our child in their care. It's a warm and nurturing environment for children to feel safe and thrive.

- Chelsea

Since their opening in July 2017, our son (7 months then) has been attending EEC. A five-star boutique childcare experience for first time mum and dad, and the best in the Inner West. Grace (owner) and ALL the STAFF are so amazing, affectionate, caring and very accommodating of our needs. The facilities are fantastic and modern which is only complemented by the healthy food they provide for my little boy. I cannot recommend this centre more highly. This place is like a 2nd home for my son and the best decision we made for his early childhood learning.

- Lisa

I cannot recommend this centre more highly. Sarah and her team are caring, compassionate, flexible and make leaving for work that much easier. Due to its size it feels more intimate than others in turn making the care very individualised and keeping the children engaged.

- Kylie

We are thrilled that our little man has a spot with the team at AEEC. We’ve always felt that the team care about him as a human, his wellbeing, his early education, his routine and (most importantly) his happiness as much as we do, and this means everything to us. Tate loves his friends and carers at AEEC.

- Erin

This day-care couldn't be any more helpful, supportive and caring to our family and our son who is enrolled. I feel so lucky that we have a spot here. The leaders are amazing with the children, the food is always amazing and the amount that my son learns is astonishing! Thank you to everyone for such a great experience!!

- Reagan

Our kids have attended the centre since its opening and couldn’t be happier. We love the fact that it’s an independent family owned centre. You can tell that they really care about providing service excellence in all areas and most of all wanting to make it a happy experience for all. We also love all the extras they do to celebrate special occasions such as Christmas, Kinda Graduation etc. We certainly give the service a gold star.

- Louise

We have been very happy with the care at AECC. It’s a very friendly and supportive place. The educators in my sons’ rooms have been amazing. The management team are approachable and very supportive. We are very happy to have the team at AECC as part of the village helping us raise our son.

- Liz