Buzz and Dig Incursion

We love booking incursions at AEEC, what a great way to learn new things and support local business.

This week Katrina from Buzz and Dig visited AEEC and spent some time in Room 3 and Room 4 teaching us about our native bee pollinators.

Did you know that Australia has the smallest bee in the world – it lives in Cape York, Queensland and the males are just 1.8mm long.

The children were very excited to see that there are bees in Victoria with blu e stripes – called the Blue Banded bee and a “superhero” bee who wears a ‘mask’. They learned that blue, purple, yellow, white and pink flowers are their favourite colour flowers.

Together the Children, Katrina and the Educators made special bee homes using recycled tin cans and sticks from parsley, carrot, bamboo and other garden plants.

We showed Katrina our Garden and Katrina said she could see evidence of native leaf cutter bees and a native mimic wasp bee in our Gardens.

We are looking forward to continue development of our garden and supporting our native bee pollinators.



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