Learning about birds

The children are learning lots of interesting facts about birds.

On this particular morning, they were very lucky to meet Kim’s pet Galah ‘Birb’. They researched lots of interesting facts about galahs. They learnt how to tell the gender of a galah by the colour of their eyes:  if they are brown it is a male and if they are red it is a female. They also learnt that you can tell the age of a galah by the rings around their eyes:  the more rings they have the older they are.

The children often take their homing pigeons with them at beach kinder and release them. These beautiful and amazing pigeons are able to be released and then find their way home with their incredible navigation skills.  The children and their families are very fascinated by our pet pigeons and look forward to taking them to all sorts of places such as the beach and Cherry Lake. Very soon they will join us at our weekly Farm Kinder excursions.



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