Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation is part of the curriculum at Altona Early Education Centre. Infants and toddlers learn how to recognise basic emotions amongst themselves and their peers. Then, the curriculum evolves for our kinder program: learning how to self-regulate emotions.

There are four zones:

Blue (slow) zone: your body is running slow e.g., sick, tired, sad or bored

Green (go) zone: you are ready to learn and ‘good to go’

Yellow (caution) zone: you feel your engine starting to run higher e.g., frustrated, overwhelmed, sick, excited, worried, anxious or surprised

Red (stop zone): you are feeling out of control e.g., uncontrolled anger, frustration, aggression

The children in the 3- and 4- year old program learn strategies to identify their zone and move to a healthier zone when needed. This is called self-regulation and is important for social, emotional and cognitive development. It’s also an important part of school readiness.



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